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My name is Seán Kelly.

I love taking photos of people, for publicity and promotion, or just to frame! I can come and work with you to create a bank of images which you can keep and use any time that you need high quality photographs.

I am an experienced photographer. My main area of work is with people with learning disabilities and I have carried out commissions for many organisations and individuals. I am a regular writer and photographer for Community Living Magazine. I also work with musicians and my photos have appeared on cd and dvd covers, websites and in magazines and books.

Before becoming a freelance photographer I worked with people with learning disabilities for over 35 years, including direct support work and many years as a manager. From 2001 to 2012 I was Chief Executive of the Elfrida Society (based in Islington).

I have portable studio equipment and can take more formal shots but I love reacting to what is going on and taking photos of people enjoying what they are doing.

Book Me!

You can book me for as little as one hour for £60 plus travel costs (usually free in London thanks to my Oyster 60+ card). Additional hours on the same day are £30 an hour (with a reduced rate of just £180 for a full day).  I usually do basic post-production work on the photos the following day for contrast, sharpening, cropping etc to make them look their best - this is included in the price.  Also included is provision of digital photo files by download or in the post.   

Clients include :   >Learning Disability England   >Choice Support   >Keyring   >Three C's   >Peter Bedford Housing Association  >Paradigm  >Community Living Magazine  

Contact Details:     Email sean.m.kelly@btinternet.com           

Tel 020 8509 7412                  Mobile  07742 545 806

What People Say:

"Sean these shots are fantastic!!! If a family was looking through our website and wanted to know what life was like at St Albans this would give such an amazing snap shot. Really pleased with these thank you". Elizabeth Courtney, Head of Marketing, Camphill Village Trust

“Beautiful photographs”   Simon Duffy, Director of The Centre for Welfare Reform

“The photos are ACE! Thanks for making all of the volunteers feel very relaxed about having their photos taken”.   Katie Barton, Head of Volunteering, Volunteer Centre Hackney

"Sean, Your photos of our Xmas party are stunning! There are so many treasures amongst them. We will make sure that people can keep them for posterity. Really, really lovely". Jo Clare, Chief Executive, Three Cs

"The vibrant and highly-professional photos which Seán provided for the Elfrida Society Annual Report were an absolute joy to work with! He puts his subjects totally at ease, and captures their personalities and passions in a completely natural but powerfully uplifting way". Meg Palmer, Third Column Design

“You take brilliant snaps!!” Yvonne Swift, Actor, Self Advocate and Trustee (Elfrida Society)

You take a mean picture”  Keith Gemmell - Saxophone player with the rock band 'Audience'

Wow! that old Seán Kelly magic is still there”  Clive Bell, Shakuhachi flute player and improvising musician


Photo Credits on this page:   Black & White Head Shot - by Beth Kelly.     Fashion shoot by the window - by Colin Parsons.

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